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Lighthouse ADHD Coaching Provides Specialised ADHD Life & Transformation Coaching. We Partner With Our Clients To Develop and Improve:

  • General ADHD Management & Life Skills
  • Relationship Coaching
  • Career, Corporate & Professional Coaching
  • Student & Study Coaching

Relationship Coaching

The unique wiring of the ADHD brain can bring challenges to relationships.Lighthouse ADHD Coaching specialises in ADHD Relationship Coaching. We can work with individuals and with couples to improve relationships and bring understanding and perspective.
  • Compassion & Respect

  • Communication

  • Fun & Intimacy

  • Relationship Goals

  • Couples, family, friends, children/teenage relationships

Student & Study Coaching

Study and institutionalised education is often exceptionally challenging for individuals affected by ADHD. Coaching can help students minimise those obstacles and tap into their strengths in order to maximise their success.
  • Focus & Attention

  • Time Management

  • Organisation & Study Skills

  • Goals & Strategies

  • Building Effective Habits

  • Balance & Priorities

  • Task & Project Management

Career | Corporate | Professional Coaching

Be it searching or transitioning to a new career or professional development in your existing career, we can assist you navigate the challenges.
  • Productivity & Organisational Skills

  • Interpersonal, Professional Relationship & Communication Skills

  • Leadership & Team Building Skills

  • ADHD Strengths To Build Success

  • Career Planning & Choices

ADHD Life Skills

ADHD can affect many different areas of life, and we can work with you to mitigate or overcome these challenges. A few of the areas we may help are:
  • ADHD Time Management Coaching

  • ADHD Organisational Skills Coaching

  • ADHD Financial & Household Coaching

  • ADHD Personality Coaching

Lighthouse ADHD coaching

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