Lighthouse ADHD Coaching
Lighthouse adhd coaching

What is adhd coaching?

Partnering with clients to enable positive transformation.

ADHD coaching is specialised life and transformation coaching wherein a partnership is formed between coach and client so that together we may explore and facilitate the development of personal, relationship, professional and business goals and the strategies necessary to achieve them.

A coach is not primarily an advisor or consultant, but best thought of as your thinking partner.
Whilst we are happy to provide advice or consultancy services, we keep these separate from coaching sessions. On client request we are more than happy to advise/consult at the end of sessions or in separate sessions.
Coaching is not mental health care, counselling or therapy either. Coaching looks forward, therapy looks back. Coaching is personal development work from a positive psychology perspective.

A proper coach is specially trained in all areas of ADHD and Executive Function on top of holding an accredited life and transformational coaching certification. We work with our clients and promote self-discovery in the unique ways these conditions present for the individual, and how we can both mitigate or overcome the challenges whilst also enhancing and leveraging the natural strengths they also bring.

You may not be able to change your brain, but you can certainly change the way it works for you!



I am married and father to my eight-year-old daughter, Gretchen, and six-year-old son, Abel.
I am motivated to pursue coaching as a career so I can help others face and overcome challenges similar to those I myself have faced.

I was only diagnosed with ADHD five years ago. Prior to that I had to find ways and workarounds to self-manage my symptoms in order to complete a degree in mechanical engineering followed by thirteen years working for a large corporation in the oil and gas industry. This trial and error approach to managing made my life much more difficult than it needed to be.

These same symptoms greatly contributed to the breakdown and separation of my marriage, and through much exploration and transformation I have successfully repaired and reconciled this relationship as well as become a much happier, more present and involved father.

After deciding it was time to change career, I find huge joy and meaning in helping others launch forward and live the best lives they can.I am passionate and enthusiastic in coaching adolescents, adults and families of all ages and genders in every area affected by ADHD or Executive Function Disorders, but the specific areas of interest I am most skilled in are:

  • Relationship Coaching

  • ADHD Specific Professional/Executive Coaching

  • Study/Focus Coaching.

lighthouse adhd coaching

style & approach

I hold a very honest, open and straightforward approach to coaching.

Although I love to emphasise the strengths and added abilities that may come with ADHD, I do not consider it a “superpower”.
I also acknowledge the magnitude of difficulty and hardship ADHD can bring to individuals affected by it and to those close to them, but stop short of treating it as a disability.

ADHD is simply a different wiring of the brain, a different way of being in the world. I coach to assist in navigating areas these differences bring obstacles or difficulties in, and to emphasise and leverage the natural strengths that can also come with ADHD. Two mantras that inform my style and approach are that ADHD is a:

 Difference NOT Disability

Explanation NOT Excuse

Do you feel that you’re not all that you could be, or that you have the potential to be more than you are?
These are the clients that most motivate me in partnering them to enable maximal change. Nothing is more fulfilling than witnessing personal breakthrough and growth.

You hold a responsibility to yourself and the people close to you to be the best version of yourself that you can be- and ADHD coaching will assist you in achieving that.

If this sounds like you, I would love to meet you! Please get in touch.


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